Are you familiar with the ping pong game?

Ping-Pong is very fun. Unfortunately, many people do not play anything, at least not really. Most people have lost time “once or twice” on a ping pong table, but playing the game according to its rules does not seem like much. It’s also unfortunate because table tennis is a very entertaining sport and the rules for ping-pong are pretty simple.

However, if you are a beginner, you just need to know some basic rules of table tennis to play a game with your friends.

Well, I have been playing, organizing and writing on table tennis since 1971 and I would like to share my knowledge of the rules with you.

Do you know the ping pong game?

Sometimes you just want to know the basic rules of a friendly ping pong game. This section is for you.

Ping Pong Practice

1. Practice

One of the best ways to practice is to talk to someone who really knows the sport. Let this person “feed” the ball the right way to become familiar with it. Learn different positions and control the ball. You can do some practice with kettler outdoor table too.

The flow of the match

2. The flow of the match

Each player has two points in a row, then changes the server. However, if a score reaches 10 to 10 in a game, each server serves only one point, and then the server is changed. After each game, the players change sides. In the last game (ie the fifth game), players change sides when a player has scored 5 points.

Ping Pong Tricks

3. Different beings

The ball must rest on an open palm. Then he should be thrown at least 6 cm and hit so that the ball jumps first to the server side, then to the opponent’s side.

If the service is legal except that it touches the network, it is called a “service”. Do not leave the services labeled and reserved.

If the winner chooses a certain end of the table, his opponent has the opportunity to shoot first or let his opponent negotiate first.

Kayo Sports Streaming Service is now available on iOS and Android!

If you are a crazy follower of sports, then there’s a huge announcement for you!

You might be familiar with the Kayo sports streaming service, well if you are not then you should check it out. It’s a sports streaming platform where you can catch up the live matches for different sports categories. You could set up the connection using Chromecast kind of devices and run the app on Smart TV platforms.

Why Kayo is trending, and how can phone/tab users benefit from it?

After the successful web launch of the Kayo streaming utility, they have now be released for Android as well as iOS users!

Kayo Sports

This means you could now run the streaming service, just like any other mobile/tablet application and stream your favorite sports content anywhere, anytime. Currently, the kayo sports app is only released in its beta version so that users can test the app and let the developers know ‘what the app is lacking’ and how to make it better for the users.

The app offers a huge variety of sports making it almost 50sportsrt options ranging from NFL, NRL, Cricket, Wimbledon, NBA, and much more.

Also, many of the leading sport channel distributors of ESPN, BeIN, Fox Sports have tied up with the Kayo app. All the sports and live matches that you stream or watch on the app is displayed to you directly from the channel authorities. This is how it works!

With the help of the Kayo app, you could stream matches, live ones or old in an HD format and that too without the disturbance of the ads in between.

The application comes with a 14-days free trial option, and later you can opt for a basic or a premium subscription. The charges are like $25 per month for the Basic, while $35/month for the premium one. You can cancel the subscription whenever you wish to!

In case you are wondering to try or not, I would say just for it! Take the free trial thing first and see how’s it working for you.

Are you familiar with the Korfball sport? [An Easy Guide for the Beginners]

Are you interested in knowing about the Korfball game?

It’s a sport which is native to the Netherlands, and we can say that the game is a bit similar to that of the basketball. It involves a huge ball, and a basket to let the ball through it.

Now, if you have recently shifted to the Netherlands, and feeling missing out – then you can use the Korfball for connecting with people and simply making new friends. It’s a great way to get started in a city!

Korfball Sport – Things that you must know about the Game

For this, you need to understand about the game history, how it is played and other facts that a Korfball player must know in general.

Korfball is a bit similar to the netball and the basketball, but not completely as both got changes in the way the games are played. Coming to the Korfball, it is played between a two team, each with 8 members in it. Each team will have 4 males and 4 females in total. The main aim is to throw the ball into the bottomless basket which is set at a height of 3.5 meters.


The transformation from Ring to Korf

Korfball sport though complete grown by the Dutch enthusiasts, it was first discovered by Nico Broekhuysen in the year 1901. Nico was traveling to Sweden for taking part in a gymnastics workshop when he came across a local sport called ringball. It was played with the mixed-gender team who were separated through different zones.

No was allowed to leave the respective zones and had to target the ball through the ring which was mounted at the end of each zone. Nico got inspired by this game and made some modifications like the ring was replaced with a base-less white basket.

Then, in the year 1904, the Dutch Korfball Association was established and all the official rules were set for the game. How can one play a game which does not have rules? you should aware about your surroundings like ted talk for athletes, new rules etc.

This is how the Korfball game is played! It was not that hard to understand, isn’t it?

Well, the game, unfortunately, has been through a lot of controversies too. Korfball is a men-women involving-game, and every player is treated the same in this. But there have been reports about the sexism involved in the match, and the undertakings. One such example is assigning a certain game position to only men, and women not getting the apt opportunity for the same.

Every good thing has its own pros and cons. We don’t have to look at the negatives, just shared so that you have the awareness about it. Play the game with all your heart and mind.

David Epstein Ted Talk: Are the athletes getting faster, better, stronger?

So many things are changing with time, changes that are inevitable.

The case still remains pretty similar with the Sports field, and in one of the Ted Talks – David Epstein explains and asks the people whether the real and other famous athletes are stronger and better than the previous players?

He has explained this in a very detailed way making it a must-watch for all.

David Epstein on: Are the athletes getting faster, better, stronger?

David Epstein is currently serving as the investigative journalist at the ProPublica. He is also the author of the New York’s Best Seller – The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance. He was the former senior writer at the Sports Illustrated.

Talking about his TED talk video, he charts all the records from different sports activities and compares them with the current records. He says, indeed new records have been set in the athletic field but are those equal comparing with the previous records considering the technology, and factors that were used back in the 70s and 80s?

The Olympic motto says Faster, Higher and Stronger. But David asks the audience if these are rightly justified for the current scenario.

He started off the talk taking Jesse Owens example. Jesse Owens won the 1936 Olympics 100m Sprint with a time record of 10.2 seconds. In the year, 2013 the record was broken by Usain Bolt with a new record of 9.77 seconds. Definitely, you will say that Jesse Owens would have lost the match if he competed with Usain, but are the technological and other conditions taken into consideration?

For example, Jesse Owens ran on a soft surface of wood rash that would actually lose out more energy than the engineered carpet which was used by Usain Bolt. While Usain ran using the starting blocks, Jesse had to dig small holes using a trowel on the surface. Can you make out the differences now?

So, this proves that Jesse has got more stamina in him and he would have won the match if he had to compete with Usain Bolt. If all the advancements were taken care of, then undoubtedly Jesse would have won against Usain, instead of being 14 feet slower.

Along with the gaming upgrades, even the body type has changed a lot. In the earlier days, average body type was considered the best for all sports. But things are different now, and each sport demands a specific physique. Not all the game players have the same body, and you might have seen them already.

It’s a delight to watch the points David shares in this TED Talk, and the video has already crossed 2 million views!

You can check out the video here-