Are you familiar with the Korfball sport? [An Easy Guide for the Beginners]

Are you interested in knowing about the Korfball game?

It’s a sport which is native to the Netherlands, and we can say that the game is a bit similar to that of the basketball. It involves a huge ball, and a basket to let the ball through it.

Now, if you have recently shifted to the Netherlands, and feeling missing out – then you can use the Korfball for connecting with people and simply making new friends. It’s a great way to get started in a city!

Korfball Sport – Things that you must know about the Game

For this, you need to understand about the game history, how it is played and other facts that a Korfball player must know in general.

Korfball is a bit similar to the netball and the basketball, but not completely as both got changes in the way the games are played. Coming to the Korfball, it is played between a two team, each with 8 members in it. Each team will have 4 males and 4 females in total. The main aim is to throw the ball into the bottomless basket which is set at a height of 3.5 meters.


The transformation from Ring to Korf

Korfball sport though complete grown by the Dutch enthusiasts, it was first discovered by Nico Broekhuysen in the year 1901. Nico was traveling to Sweden for taking part in a gymnastics workshop when he came across a local sport called ringball. It was played with the mixed-gender team who were separated through different zones.

No was allowed to leave the respective zones and had to target the ball through the ring which was mounted at the end of each zone. Nico got inspired by this game and made some modifications like the ring was replaced with a base-less white basket.

Then, in the year 1904, the Dutch Korfball Association was established and all the official rules were set for the game. How can one play a game which does not have rules? you should aware about your surroundings like ted talk for athletes, new rules etc.

This is how the Korfball game is played! It was not that hard to understand, isn’t it?

Well, the game, unfortunately, has been through a lot of controversies too. Korfball is a men-women involving-game, and every player is treated the same in this. But there have been reports about the sexism involved in the match, and the undertakings. One such example is assigning a certain game position to only men, and women not getting the apt opportunity for the same.

Every good thing has its own pros and cons. We don’t have to look at the negatives, just shared so that you have the awareness about it. Play the game with all your heart and mind.

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