Are you familiar with the ping pong game?

Ping-Pong is very fun. Unfortunately, many people do not play anything, at least not really. Most people have lost time “once or twice” on a ping pong table, but playing the game according to its rules does not seem like much. It’s also unfortunate because table tennis is a very entertaining sport and the rules for ping-pong are pretty simple.

However, if you are a beginner, you just need to know some basic rules of table tennis to play a game with your friends.

Well, I have been playing, organizing and writing on table tennis since 1971 and I would like to share my knowledge of the rules with you.

Do you know the ping pong game?

Sometimes you just want to know the basic rules of a friendly ping pong game. This section is for you.

Ping Pong Practice

1. Practice

One of the best ways to practice is to talk to someone who really knows the sport. Let this person “feed” the ball the right way to become familiar with it. Learn different positions and control the ball. You can do some practice with kettler outdoor table too.

The flow of the match

2. The flow of the match

Each player has two points in a row, then changes the server. However, if a score reaches 10 to 10 in a game, each server serves only one point, and then the server is changed. After each game, the players change sides. In the last game (ie the fifth game), players change sides when a player has scored 5 points.

Ping Pong Tricks

3. Different beings

The ball must rest on an open palm. Then he should be thrown at least 6 cm and hit so that the ball jumps first to the server side, then to the opponent’s side.

If the service is legal except that it touches the network, it is called a “service”. Do not leave the services labeled and reserved.

If the winner chooses a certain end of the table, his opponent has the opportunity to shoot first or let his opponent negotiate first.

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