Who I am

Doubts about the sports and fitness are something that could never end.

That’s because people are keen to know about it, and also only a few trusted websites who are offering quality content.


Hello, this is Norman here and I have been a huge Rugby fan right from my school days. Playing Rugby not only made me happy but I was actually getting time to connect with myself. That’s a deep philosophy there. So, it’s my passion and love for Rugby that led to the birth of this website. A simple tale!

Now, what do sports mean to me?

It is nothing but self-care, where I am giving time and looking after my body and health. But it’s more social and fun than any other routine exercises, isn’t it? That’s what I like the most about the sports!

What’s the present condition?

Right now, I have my friend John who is assisting me with a lot of content and other health tips. He is a fitness freak, and so he will be sharing some of his Health Secrets and other nutritious snack recipes that you can replace with your daily food intake. He is a cook-cum-athlete our school time.


Yes, you are welcome to contribute to the website, if you are interested in writing! You can send some work samples to us on www.createlethon2007.com, I will review them and send in the replies as quickly as possible.

Thanks for stopping by!

Eat Right, Stay Fit!